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  1. Works well.

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  2. Feels premium. Fit is a bit loose for VW Vento/Polo headlights but that can be easily overcome. Overall finish is premium and OEM. Suggested to buy with DRL controller so that no OE wiring will be needed to be tampered with.

  3. Awesome.

  4. 1. I have bought the DRL controller as well. The switchback from indicator to DRL feels very OEM.
    2. Brightness is good.
    3. Because of the DRL controller, after switching off the car, the DRL stays on for a few seconds like follow home headlights. This is a great aspect I found.

    Image #1 from Gaurav K
    Image #2 from Gaurav K
  5. Product is okayish in comparison to the original propellers, Original Propeller has the orange rubber at the tip of the propeller, but this product doesn’t have a rubber it just has a orange colored tip.